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January 20, 2011


TTI Report Says Without Public Transit, Lee County Travelers Would Have Suffered an
Additional 129,000 Hours of Delay on Local Roads

The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) today released its highly regarded congestion report, 2010 Urban Mobility Report, which looked at road congestion in 439 United States urban areas. The Cape Coral-Fort Myers metropolitan area ranked 69th in the nation in the cost of congestion delay, at $183 million.

The report, which drew from 2009 statistics, shows that  local drivers waste 5.9 million gallons of fuel due to traveling in congested conditions; waste 7.4 million hours of time; and that the total cost of this congested travel is $183 million.

The TTI has tracked local congestion data since 1982. In that time, the percentage of the local roadway system considered to be congested increased from 18% to 37%; the fuel wasted increased from 750,000 gallons to 5.9 million gallons; and the total cost of congestion rose from $12 million to $183 million.

The report concluded that without public transportation services, Lee County’s road system would have borne an additional 18 million miles of vehicle travel, causing drivers to suffer an additional 129,000 hours of delay at a cost of $3 million.

“Public transportation use is clearly an important component in reducing traffic congestion,” said LeeTran’s Transit Director Steve Myers.  “Even those who don’t ride public transportation still benefit from its ability to remove cars from the roads, especially during peak travel hours.”

In addition to its proven record of reducing congestion, public transportation offers economic benefits.  Public transportation plays an important role in helping people commute to work; more than 50 percent of all trips on LeeTran involve travel to and from job sites.